Who we are......

We are a bar full of misfits tucked away in the heart of Fortitude Valley’s thumping entertainment precinct serving up punk rock and pirate-inspired rum-soaked vibes. Jolly Roger is the name of the venue, a charming watering hole purposefully rough around the edges. The bar’s interior is suitably moody, with a dark colour palette paired with candles, greenery and comfortable vintage furniture sourced from Melbourne. Portions of the venue’s walls double as canvases for street art, with the first mural lathered on by locals Liam Matsen and LUMA. Like any pirate-inspired bar should, Jolly Roger is amply stocked with a growing collection of rums. These labels filter into the bar’s cocktail list, which sits alongside Jolly Roger’s collection of local craft beers and wines.

Cocktails & huge Rum collection to explore and 40 beers to taste

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Jolly Roger Alternative Art Exhibit

Welcome to the best alternative art exhibition of the year! On Sunday April 16th from 6pm (FREE ENTRY), Jolly Roger bar is proud to present an event that you won’t want to miss. Our alternative art exhibition, "Metal & Punk at the Jolly Roger," celebrates art that is unique, unconventional, and edgy.Come experience an unforgettable night of amazing artwork that embodies the spirit of the metal and punk culture. Our artists have created jaw-dropping pieces that will take your breath away. Expect to see visual art pieces, sculptures and installations that pay homage to the metal and punk genres.This is a one-of-a-kind event that showcases the creativity, rebelliousness, and anti-establishment attitude of the alternative culture. And what better setting than the Jolly Roger, a bar steeped in history, with an unrivaled atmosphere that suits the metal and punk culture effortlessly?There will be plenty of drinks, and you will get the chance to mix and mingle with fellow metal and punk enthusiasts. FREE ENTRY, bring your friends along, and prepare for a night you won’t soon forget. The alternative art exhibition of the year is happening at the Jolly Roger bar on April 16th, get ready to be amazed!To enter the competition, follow the link below or head to our website.

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Live Music & DJ Events

We have some of the best Brisbane musicians performing at Jolly's. The events are not to be missed. Having regular EMO, SKA, Nu Metal, Goth, Punk, Heavy Metal events brings back the alternative vibe in us all.

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Great tasting food to add with your Rum!

Serving finger food for those who have dared to enter the realm of the Jolly Roger & Merchandise for its most loyal Pirates! Have your food delivered straight to were your sitting.


Food Menu Order Times

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday , Sunday 5.00pm - 9.30pm

Friday - Saturday 5.00pm - 10.30pm

Wednesday Kitchen Closed